Friday, 29 January 2016

Dry January - concluding with condolences.

Dry January - concluding with condolences.
After another week of work, rugby training, coaching and fizzy water, I reached the penultimate weekend of the challenge.
Another Friday night rugby game resulted in a dead leg which restricted most of my movement on Saturday. It was on Friday when I caught up with the players and found out that not only is Richard, who originally signed up to Dry January, still doing the Challenge, but another three players from the Edwardians Team are also doing Dry January - it’s been great to have the support of the players.
At this stage of the Dry January campaign I was not really missing having a drink, I was more missing being around fellow rugby players and my friends in the social settings of the rugby club or local pubs.
The Sunday morning brought the devastating news that my dad had died suddenly that morning.
As you can probably imagine the rest of week has become a blur and mix of family time, reminiscing, sadness and reflection, and also some smiles thinking back at my dad's life.
Despite the news, I have stuck to the challenge and remained dry for the month, and I will continue for the next three days. And I'm still raising money by staying dry for the Children's Heart Unit Fund at Newcastle Freeman Hospital via my Just Giving page - all donations go to CHUF.
I am grateful for the all the messages and support I have received over the past 29 days, and I will be attending the rugby club mid -season bash this weekend and continuing the challenge with sponsorship forms.
And I'll be thinking of you dad.

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